Trustees of Leicester Area Meeting - part of the Religious Society of Friends

with local meetings in Leicester, Loughborough, Oakham and Rugby

This site contains content relevant to the work of the Trustees of the Area Meeting: the Governance documents, including the Governing Document itself, Terms of Reference for Trustees, Memoranda of Understanding between Trustees, Area Meeting and the four local Meetings, Policy Statements, Safeguarding, various Guidance Documents, property registers for the three Meetings with Meeting Houses and the Annual Report and Accounts from 2008 onwards. For details see here.

The Trustees are appointed by both Area Meeting and by each of the four local Meetings. The Treasurer and Assistant Clerk are also Trustees ex-officio.

The principal role of the Trustees is to monitor the activities of Area Meeting and the four local Meetings. They report annually to the national Quaker Stewardship Committee. They provide advice to Area Meeting when decisions are made about property and finance.